Not So Much Fantastic As Search-Tastic

There should be an image here!Honestly, I’ve never really felt like the various startups out there trying to work around Twitter’s content were really worth my time. Sure, some of them provide the Twitter content we are looking for in a format that works. But others are just in the game for a chance to tap some VC capital.

As for the site known as Searchtastic, the jury is still out as far as I am concerned. I can see some benefit in being able to query select keywords coming from specific users. But like so many other sites before it, how in the heck is this going to make money down the road?

And then considering the obvious downtime that Twitter continuously gives to anyone relying on it, I cannot help but wonder how well the results are going to be. Despite the great functionality, it is the business side of this that has me wondering…

[awsbullet:twitter business]