Snow Leopard Is Really On The Spot

There should be an image here!Wow, according to this article is looks like Apple is finally looking into the data loss (or misplacement) issue that the Internet has been abuzz about lately. This is a good thing. It’s actually rather sad, as it does seem like Snow Leopard was filled with entirely too much yellow snow in its initial release. Not quite Apple’s version of Vista, but close if you don’t consider its speed.

Will this news have any relation to people holding back on upgrading the OS? Possibly so, yes. But I think that most people will ignore any given bugs and continue using Snow Leopard regardless.

Speaking for my own family, no, we still have the unopened package as of yet. I’d like to see more time pass before I upgrade my wife’s Mac. This is not so much a poke at OS X as it is my approach to upgrading any OS. Give it time to cool after coming out of the oven.