Assign A Shortcut Key To AutoText In Word 2007

Word 2007 lets you create AutoText so you can reuse text and graphics in other documents. Once you create an AutoText entry, you can add insert it into a document using the Insert menu.

Alternatively, you can also assign a shortcut key to the AutoText entry. When you want to insert the specific AutoText, all you need to do is press the shortcut key.

To assign a shortcut key to AutoText:

  1. Create your new AutoText entry.
  2. From the Tools menu, click Customize.
  3. Click the Keyboard button.
  4. Position the insertion point in the Press New Shortcut Key text box.
  5. Press the shortcut key you want to use. For instance, if you want to use CTRL+M, then press CTRL+M.
  6. In the Categories list scroll down and select AutoText. The defined AutoText entries appear at the right side of the dialog box.
  7. In the list of AutoText entries, select the one you created in step 1.
  8. Click the Assign button to assign the shortcut.
  9. Click Close.