Beating Vacation Angst

Leaving the office to go on vacation should be relaxing. However, many people find it to be very stressful. Will poor decisions be made in your absence? If there is an operational breakdown, who will solve the problem? Is there a competent person to act in your capacity? Such concerns understandably make it difficult to take a worry-free vacation.

So what can you do to relieve some of your vacation angst?

  • Choose vacation dates wisely. This usually means taking your vacation when the pace is slower (or less crazy). Knowing there is nothing critical going on will help you relax.
  • Get a jump-start on your plan. A few weeks before your designated vacation period, start creating a list of important information for the individual who will be the key contact in your absence.
  • Brief your employees on priorities. This way your employees know what tasks and projects need to be completed prior to your return.
  • Notify your clients and co-workers of your absence. If they know you are away, they are more likely to leave business matters until you return.
  • Provide an emergency contact number. This way, if a real emergency does occur, you know that someone can get in contact with you.

Thorough preparation should help to alleviate any vacation angst. However, if after all this you still feel angst consider starting small. Take a few mini-vacations, such as four-day weekends. After a few of these you will see that the office can survive in your absence and hopefully, relieve your angst enough that you can take a long two-week vacation.

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