AMD Releases New Processors

While there is no news at the high end, which continues to be dominated by Intel, AMD seems determined to remove any chance of Intel eking out a profit at the low end, or making a claim of having the most energy efficient processors there.

This morning has a number of processors released in the 45W range, making them absolutely great for small form factor cases (like the Ultra Micro Fly), or smaller still, Home Theater rigs.

AMD on Tuesday also announced Athlon II models that provide full multimedia performance while drawing only 45 watts of power. Most Athlon II chips available today draw between 65 watts and 95 watts.

Though I would have said, when they debuted, that triple core processors would be a flop, AMD seems to be making a good splash with the offerings it has in that area. New Athlon X3 processors are part of the new releases.

AMD launched four Athlon II X3 triple-core processors as part of a new lineup that slips in between the dual-core Athlon II X2 and quad-core Athlon II X4 processors. The processors run at speeds between 2.2GHz and 2.9GHz and draw up to 95 watts of power.

One thing about these 3-core processors is that they fall well within the safety envelope of many bargain motherboards, that might provide a smokefest if used with a quad core of 125 โ€“140W TDP.

Also, the quoted article, from ComputerWorld, states that these new processors are built on the smallest AMD process yet –

AMD’s new chips are made using the new 45-nanometer manufacturing process, an AMD spokeswoman said. The chips typically are smaller and offer better performance than chips made using the older 65-nm process. AMD is trying to move a larger mix of its chips to the new manufacturing process in an effort to cut costs and offer more energy-efficient chips, company executives said on an earnings call last week.

The outlook, for now, seems to be that AMD will make inroads in the bottom and middle of the market, while its video arm, ATi, will claim the top of that market, as it has been severely trouncing nVidia’s efforts as of late.

It’s certainly a turnaround from a few years ago, when AMD owned the top of the CPU market, and ATi was struggling.




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