Tweaking Windows 7 – Already!

Though Microsoft has not yet released any extras for Windows 7, other players have stepped up, and are making things that will allow the person not content with anything left ‘as delivered’ to make things different, and the first ones down the pike are free.

First, there is a nice little tweak for the Alt-Tab dialogue, called Vista Switcher. Have no fear, this is not stuck in the past, only the name is. It was released in August, and works for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and now Windows 7. There is a version for 64 bit versions of Windows as well. Isn’t it strange that no matter how much Microsoft changes a part of Windows, someone else comes up with something much nicer? This is like that. Those familiar with TaskSwitchXP, should be happy to know it is from the same author, and will be the replacement for that program.

Next, from, there is the Windows 7 logon changer, which will allow the customization of your opening screen. In a couple of steps, you can have almost any picture in place of the one provided by Microsoft. Simple, Easy. Cool!

Those who wish that TweakUI had been extended to Windows 7, never fear.  From the Windows Club comes the Ultimate Windows Tweaker. While many of the changes that can be made inside the program are available elsewhere (like in the registry), a great deal of time can be saved in the using of this one tool.

As I relayed yesterday, the CSMenu program does not seem to be working for the latest version of Windows 7 [RTM plus updates]. It would be great if anyone knowing of another program to bring the standard start menu back could let me know.

I was thinking of back in the time of Windows 3.1, when the IBM team made a Workplace Shell for Windows, which gave much of the capabilities of OS/2 to plain old Windows 3.1. IBM programmers? are you out there? Can you come through again for us? It would be great if IBM gave us back the standard menu for Windows 7! I know I’d be very impressed and happy.

Is anyone else feeling we are entitled to some Powertoys soon?

Have fun making your copy of Windows 7 different than any other on the planet.


Quote of the day:

Knowledge is power, if you know it about the right person.

Ethel Mumford

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