Will The Real MicroHoo Deal Please Stand Up?

It is hard to believe that it has been over two years since Microsoft and Yahoo! starting talking merger, buyout, partnerships, and so forth. This last announcement by the CEOs of both companies, with champagne toasting, back slapping, and stock selling to be the real thing. But it appears that there are some minor issues [money = value] that may make the deal harder to complete than was first anticipated.

A recent article over at Silicon Alley states:

“Microsoft and Yahoo! are committed to this agreement and believe this is a highly competitive deal that is good for consumers, advertisers and publishers.  We have made good progress in finalizing the definitive agreements. Given the complex nature of this transaction there remain some issues that need some additional clarity and definitive details. So, the teams at Yahoo! and Microsoft are continuing to work on the remaining details, and we have mutually agreed to extend the period to negotiate and execute the agreement.  We plan to do this as expeditiously as possible.  Both companies are optimistic that we will be able to close this deal by early 2010.”

It will be a miracle if this deal concludes by the end of this decade!

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