Nokia Needs To Drop Cells?

I was reading this article today, as it states that Nokia would be better off simply focusing on netbooks and not bothering with mobile phones at all any longer. I would counter this as I believe, despite its lagging North American popularity these days, that Nokia remains one of the best mobile phone providers out there to date.

While I have had zero experience with its netbooks, I can tell you that its phones used to be the only mobile I would ever bother with back in the 1990s. And to be frank, I would still be using them had I not moved on up to Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and then finally, the iPhone. My lacking modern Nokia ownership is more less a matter of function vs. quality. I have seen its latest phones in action; they are still ever bit as good hardware-wise as they were way back when. What has changed is the lack of excitement for their platform, apparently.

Honestly, I think the above linked article may be right about one thing. Anyone who can develop a netbook that doubles as a phone has one cool geek toy on their hands. As for functionality however, I can only hope that Nokia is able to regain some of its former glory here in the States. It still commands a huge presence worldwide, so it is definitely possible.

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