Tellin’ It Like It Is

there should be an image hereIt occurred to me, now, after hearing the line “Telling it like it is” for the umpteenth-thousandth time that roughly 99.9% of people I’ve ever heard speak this line are, in fact, not telling it like it is.

I’m sure you’ve met people like this.  They’re usually the people at parties who cannot stop jabbering along about “this belief” and “that belief” or what they think about “this person” and “that person” and yet it never seems to completely click with most people that these morons either need to A) shut the f*ck up, or B) learn a little cognitive dissonance.

Or how about that preacher your mom loves so much because he “tells it like it is”?  Considering the adage of a thousand people reading the same book yet are still able to give a thousand different opinions to its meaning, how can one man know exactly what every scripture should be interpreted as?

And just so we’re not biased, let us not forget the Atheist “tellers like it isers” who do roughly the same thing with Darwin.  Oh yes, they’re equally as smug.

In the end what I’ve found is that these “tellers/isers” simply like to employ this line when they know they’re about (or at least think they’re about) to say something “offensive” — which is to say they’re about to make an extremely bold statement based on little or no fact.

The worst part, though, is that once the line has been dropped you have absolutely no chance of arguing with these people because if you do disagree with them (and you will) by process of elimination, you then are the person who is not telling it like it is!

No, I think it can be safely assumed that the next time you hear someone say that they “tell it like it is” you can pretty well tune down your listening device because the rest of the conversation is going absolutely nowhere (aside from up said person’s arse).

And this is just me telling it like it is.