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An as yet unannounced video card,  featuring a prodigious amount of fast onboard memory, also shows the reason for the port that some (including me a while ago) thought was a solution looking for a problem.

An AMD/ATi 5870 with 2 GB of GDDR5 is shown in a blurb on Tech Connect, and also shows that, both to be able to easily work in the AMD Eyefiniti setup, supporting up to 6 monitors per video card, and to be able to give adequate cooling through the second slot, the Display Port connectors make the job almost child’s play.

Pretty cool.

Although not yet announced an interesting new Cypress-based card has popped up online, a Radeon HD 5870 boasting 2GB of GDDR5 memory, which is double the amount found on current models, and featuring no less than six Mini DisplayPort outputs. Dropping the dual DVI and HDMI ports for more DP connectors enables AMD to offer a top notch, DirectX 11 solution that supports multi-monitor configurations of up to six displays via the ATI Eyefinity technology – pretty sweet if you can afford the setup.

Apart from the I/O change and extra VRAM, the new card also comes with an 8-pin and one 6-pin PCIe power connector, as opposed to the ‘regular’ HD 5870 which makes use of two 6-pin plugs. The 6DP Radeon HD 5870 packs 1600 Stream Processors and has stock GPU/memory clocks of 850/4800 MHz.

The Eyefinity-crazy card’s price is yet unconfirmed.

For the programmer, the insane multitasker, or the guy just wanting to impress, this Eyefiniti setup is an incredible stride in computing. Though I doubt too many home users will want, or be able to, take this to its possible limits, of 4 cards and 24 monitors, I can see many people wanting to easily use 3 or 4 monitors, especially since it has always been cheaper to get more screen real estate by going with smaller monitors, and more of them.

Thirty inch monitors are still quite pricey, but 23″ monitors are getting to be almost the sweet spot, so 3 or four of these will be much cheaper than 2 – 30″ monitors on  a standard video card with two outputs.

It makes imagining yourself as Hugh Jackman in the movie “Swordfish” much easier. You don’t need 50KW to be funky either…


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