A Lack Of PC Security Can Destroy Lives

As I read this article today, I found myself shaking my head as this could quite frankly happen to anyone that does not fully comprehend just how dangerous an unprotected computer can be. While it is an undeniable fact that stories like the above linked are taking place with Windows users and social networking Web sites, there is a growing possibility of various malware threats hitting other platforms. While very rare, malware is able to hit anyone these days. So it pays to be aware of this.

Speaking for myself, short of having immediate access to a cross platform trunk monkey to come out of their trunk to save the day from the evils of the Internet, I think that we as end users have become entirely too reliant on security software.

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The above story could happen yet again, but this time to someone who was using software that was unable to protect them from an alternative version of the same threat. For my household, we work very hard to keep our computers as secure as possible; not with lots of security software — rather, vigilant browsing bundled with lesser targeted platforms. While it may not be fair, right, kind, or decent, the fact of the matter is Windows maintains market share in the desktop OS world.

Quote from the article linked above:

“The prosecution’s forensics expert, Randy Huff, maintains that Solon’s antivirus software was working properly. And he says he ran other antivirus programs on the computer and didn’t find an infection — although security experts say antivirus scans frequently miss things.”

This means that it is the number one target for attacks like the one from the article linked above. So if you are going to use Windows as your chosen platform, you had better be extra careful. Then again, it is fast becoming true that non-Windows users need to become vigilant now before the threats begin appearing. At least this way, when things hit the fan, everyone will be playing on a safer field of battle.

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