There should be an image here!I have been GIMP longer than I have used Photoshop. comfortable with both, I will remain steadfast in my statement that when run on desktop Linux, GIMP is lightyears faster than anything else out there with similar level of ability.

Sadly though, it’s not Photoshop which translates into it not being widely accepted by people who prefer the Adobe based alternative. Then comes this news – Ubuntu is opting to remove GIMP as it is believed to be too complicated for their target audience. Uh, newsflash – I am your typical user! And I think removing it is a mistake.

All of this aside, at least it will be available for easy installation via the repositories. And sticking with F-Spot, is not going to go well with new converts. Sorry, but that software has a ways to go before it is really going to be useful to most people I think. I’d gone with gThumb any day of the week for simple editing, but this is just my take.