The Next Tweet You Receive Could Be An Advertisement

Over at Twitter there is a new money maker in which those with a large following are sending advertisements to their followers. The new advertising scheme is being use by celebrities, bloggers and others on Twitter who are allowing advertisers to send to their personal contacts on social networks advertising.

According to a recent Times news article it states that:

It is perhaps the last frontier in advertising — getting regular people to send a sentence or two of text, on behalf of paying advertisers, to their friends and admirers. The idea, according to the entrepreneurs who are developing such services for Twitter and other Web networks, is that people trust recommendations from those they know and respect, while they increasingly ignore nearly ever other kind of ad message in print, on television and online.

Even the Internet giants are warming to the idea of harnessing informal chats between friends to promote their products and services. This month, said it would start paying commissions to individuals who refer buyers to the site via Twitter messages. (People must first sign up for Amazon Associates, a program in which Amazon pays Web publishers for referrals to its site.)

But the bigger opportunity may be in matching advertisers with so-called influencers — the more popular users of services like Twitter. A number of start-ups, like, Izea and Peer2, a division of Creative Asylum, a Hollywood ad agency, are pursuing the opportunity to put persuasive messages into regular dialogue on social networks.

This does make one wonder just how trustworthy these recommendations will be? For example. Most people will follow someone on Twitter because they trust and respect their opinion. But this could change if the opinions become money generated.

There is also the issue of spam. Would you consider this type of advertising spam?

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