Apple Seeks To Close Lid On Psystar

There should be an image here!I know, it’s difficult to believe that we are still talking about Psystar after all of this time and the various court battles. Yet despite this, here we are. Not only is Psystar not a real threat to Apple in any way, they are not even a PC seller that anyone in their right mind would bother with at this stage.

The fact of the matter is the most harm that was done happened to those who run the company in my estimation. And Apple’s biggest problem is the time and money they had to waste on this entire thing. So Apple seeking an injunction, is really not going to mean anything.

No, it is all but likely that Psystar is going to continue to what they have been all along. They will likely continue to sell PCs running OS X. And Apple’s world outside of a thorn in their legal dept.’s side, will remained largely un-phased.