Why Is It Necessary for Politicians To Lie?

The difference between shading the truth and lying is a large one for me. I find deceit a big problem, and to be plain, there is much of it through the entire political spectrum.

Yet there is a surfeit of it on the Republican side, and nowhere more densely packed than in the Conservative camps. A blog entry from  The Daily Kos by someone listed as Old Redneck has been brought to my attention by reddit.

One of the biggest problems is the tendency to lie when there really appears to be no need to. This seems to be what is happening now, with Sarah Palin’s clandestine method of travel for her book tour. In some overzealous attempt to seem folksy, and common, she is ostensibly travelling around the nation in a bus (kind of like Willie Nelson!). But as the article asserts, she is really doing very little bus time, instead making many of her city to city jumps on a private plane.

Why the deception? We see she appears to be perfectly made up and coiffed at each destination, and I really don’t believe anyone would deny her that. She is, despite some other manifestations, a woman, after all.

Sarah Palin is flying around the country on Billy Graham’s aircraft.  Graham’s people have blocked aircraft tracking data so this fact will remain hidden.

Last weekend, a small notice in local newspapers revealed that Sarah Palin had stopped off in Montreat, NC, to visit the Graham family — “evangelist” Billy Graham and his (reformed) cokehead son, Franklin Graham.

Franklin spent several years snorting coke, screwing everything in a skirt, and generally behaving like a good christian boy.  Then, broke, he realized that his father’s “evangelistic enterprise” was a real money-maker.  So, ol’ Franklin got religion, got forgiven, got saved, and GLORY HALLELUJAH — Franklin is now the head of the Graham family business and the fortune of zillions of $$$$$.

Franklin runs an organization called “The Samaritan’s Purse.”  Purse claims on their website to be an “International Christian relief and evangelism organization that provides spiritual and physical aid to victims of war, poverty, natural disaster, and disease.”


Of course, an “international christian relief organization” can’t function without a fleet of corporate airplanes.

And that brings us to Sarah Palin.

In her book tour, Palin claims that she’s just like the rest of us, riding her tour bus from town to town.


Samaritan’s Purse is flying Sarah around in one of its aircraft.  She lands near her next book rally, gets on the bus, and rides into town on the bus.

Palin is flying around in a Beechcraft/King Air 300tail number N262SP (multi-engine, 11 passengers).  The SP does not stand for Sarah Palin — the plane is owned by Samaritans Purse.

This means that donations to SP are being used to haul Palin’s carcass around.  Wonder what the donors think of that?

Hmmm.  Does this violate Samaritan’s Purses 501c(3) status?

And — get this — I tried to check the flight activity for this airplane (N262SP) at Flightaware.com.  The flight activity for this plane is blocked by the owner.  Guess he doesn’t want anyone to know where he is flying.

This is deceit and lies on so many levels it makes my head hurt to think about it.

But, then, you expected something different from a gang of biblethumpers??

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The sad thing is that by allowing herself to be part of this deception, she moves away from the Christian ideal of being truthful at all times,  It is difficult to take anything she says as truth when so much of what she has said in the past has been proven to be untrue.

Whether prevarication or stupidity, it is bad form, and further moves her from the list that might include candidates for any political office. If a life in the limelight is what she is aiming for, as some might have pontificated, a strict course on the road of truth would be needed as well – unless she wants to pattern herself after that former Ohio mayor, Jerry Springer.




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