Handy Keyboard Shortcuts When Delivering PowerPoint Presentations

If you use PowerPoint to deliver presentations, there are some handy keyboard shortcuts that you can use during the presentation. These keyboard shortcuts can help you do things such as jump between slides or change the pointer to a pen.

Here are some of the most useful shortcuts that any presenter should use:

  • F5 — Start presentation from first slide
  • Backspace — Return to the previous slide
  • Slide Number + Enter — Jump to a particular slide
  • Home — Jump to the first slide
  • End — Jump to the last slide
  • Enter — Launch a selected hyperlink
  • Tab — Jump to the next hyperlink on a slide
  • Shift + Tab — Return to the previous hyperlink on a slide
  • Esc — End a slide show
  • CTRL + P — Change the pointer to a pen
  • CTRL + A — Change the pointer to an arrow

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