The Way I Use Twitter Has Changed

My tweets go as far back as April 2007. Twitter as a service and as an idea has changed exponentially since then. Back then, I used Twitter as more of a short worded journal and complaint box.

Today, I use Twitter in a much different way. I find myself following more and more news sources like BNO, CNN, and some local networks. The news seems to get through on Twitter faster than any other avenue. In addition, the other major change is that I use Twitter to be marketed to and as a method to communicate with brands I pay for and am interested in.

I guess it all started when Frank Eliason started @comcastcares. I had one hell of an issue when I moved my service. Communicating to Frank via @comcastcares netted me a personal phone call from Comcast Corporate and an entire month of credit on my next bill for my troubles. With this experience in mind, I was left under the impression that companies would take a bright handful of people and put them in charge of the company Twitter account. Thus, at least for a short period of time, leaving a “back door” open to communicate with otherwise silent companies.

Even that has begun to change. My “direct” complaints to companies like Gamefly and Starbucks are seemingly getting lost in the gigantic audience that is the Twitterverse. Yet regardless, tweets from these companies are the ones I perk up to read the most. Just yersterday, @gameflyinc posted a one day sale which allowed me to purchase a copy of Resident Evil 5 for the Xbox 360 for a mere $3.17 after coupons. It’s deals like this that companies are using Twitter to advertise. I also started following Amazon Daily Deals and actually had to STOP following Woot due to their every-minute-tweets during Woot Offs. Great daily deals are also to be had by account like @lala_com and @amazonmp3.

So I now use Twitter more for news and deals more than anything else. More than sharing pics, keeping up with friends, or journal entries. When I first started tweeting, I thought it would be cool one day in ten years to collect all of my tweets and have some kind of online diary that would read like my life in little pieces, possibly in a quite comical pieces. The turn that I’ve taken, it will end up more like suggestion box submissions to e-tailers and retweets of headlines of the day.

Nonetheless, when you look ahead to Twitter’s future, the time capsule in a bottle idea still seems kind of neat. Now, if I could only figure out the easiest way to find and archive my oldest tweets.