I’ve Been Rubbed The Wrong Way Once Too Often

It started with a problem I have been trying to resolve on a machine for a couple of days. Nothing too big, just a minor annoyance.

I then remembered I have a copy of PC Tools Registry Mechanic that was gotten in one of the VNUNet (now known as v3.co.uk ) giveaways. Great, maybe that will do it for me automatically!

Not this time. The license I got for the program has expired, leaving a program that does little to nothing on its own. This is irksome for two reasons.  First, I find that, when speaking to the people for the company, an Australian one, by the way, I asked a question that the online support representative would not answer directly.

I hate deception and I hate subterfuge. I asked about the license term, and if there was reduced function after the term of support ended. I was told that I could be handed off to another support person. That person took another few of my typed questions to finally answer if the software was purchased or leased.

In fact, though they try very hard to steer away from it, their software is leased, a year at a time. If that year runs out, you get reduced functionality, similar to the useless state of a trial product that has run its course, and then almost completely dies.

I said thanks and dropped the chat.

I was then thinking that I had gotten the serial number less than a year ago. I did. I have the e-mail that says I have 1 year from the date 6-07-09...I don’t think 12 months have expired just yet.

So I decided to return to the site; that’s when it gets really tricky. Sometime between 5 this morning and 8:30 this morning, the site has changed. Now you must have a registered serial number to communicate in any fashion with these people. Not one way is available without it – no, not even e-mail.

I have a feeling that the company does not want to deal with all the people who have had their serial numbers revoked for this product. This is after making the product available for general use and download, with a 1 year license (the web pages are still available that detail this here). The noted site details the process, and the filename. I have the file, I have the license key, but I don’t have a working product.

You can take this for what it is – the rantings of a disgruntled customer, but you should also note what I have shown, that I was supposed to have a working product, until June of next year. I am not the only one, my friend Greg called me, and his copy no longer works. He, like me, had saved the e-mail. He thought the copy was grunged, so he tried a reinstall. The same results were obtained. The serial number now shows up as invalid.

This is my submission for this year to the software company RAT BASTARDS Hall of Fame. It is one thing to lease software, but you should not be deceptive that you are in fact, leasing it, and that it will discontinue working after one year. You had also better be able to figure out that one year consists of 12 months.




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