Time Warner To CEO Investors – People Will Pay For Quality Content – Will You?

The CEO for Time Warner is telling investors that people will pay for quality content. Mr. Jeff Bewke stated to investors that:

“If you look at some of the more successful Internet versions — iPhones, iTunes, iStore, Amazon — people will pay for quality and convenience. It has to be a fair deal, though.”

What a refreshing ray of sunshine after having to listen to Rupert Murdoch rant and rave for the past few months. At last we have someone with an intelligent view of the real world, without finger pointing, and adding that ‘it has to be a fair deal.’ He is correct in his assumptions. I personally shop at Amazon and use their Prime shipping feature. I have found that most, but not ever deal, is priced fairly and their Prime shipping option makes it convenient to shop on line.

If you provide consumers with ‘value’ they will come. In a recent article Mr. Bewke also states:

TV Everywhere, a Time Warner and Comcast venture that is expected to provide TV shows online to cable subscribers, is “going to make it very easy for people to continue to do what they’re already doing, which is watching their favorite shows,” he said. It is expected to become available soon for some cable customers.

Mr. Bewkes said that when it launches, cable subscribers will be able to watch programs online, either through a channel or video provider’s site. “You’re free to get it from any source like that at this point that you want, so nothing’s linked.”

Since TV Everywhere’s users will already be paying for their cable service, he said, “the beauty of it, from an execution point of view, is that the billing system is already done.”

Certain issues, such as whether viewers will see the same ads when watching a show a week later, will “evolve” over time, Mr. Bewkes said. “What should not be a big issue is the fact that you paid for it, and so, therefore, you don’t have to pay again.”

WOW! I like the ‘you paid for it, and so, therefore. you don’t have to pay again.’ No matter what your feelings are about Comcast, this hopefully will provide Comcast customers with added value. We can all agree that adding value to any service is key to a successful business. Maybe the economic down turn will eventually provide consumers with added benefits.

What do you think?

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