***UPDATE*** Ustream Broadcaster Now Available For iPhone

***UPDATE*** Qik live streaming app on its way!

Take it from someone who jailbroke his iPhone in the past just so he could try out Qik. This is big news. The uStream Broadcaster, available for free today, allows you to stream live video via your iPhone and uStream account. This app is also 3G AND Wi-Fi compatible. Other features include Twitter integration, view chat, and GPS location, amongst others.

With the exception of Knocking, this is a first. With this release, I expect to see Qik, Stickam, others finally able to come to market with live streaming video apps. It will be interesting to know the story behind this sudden allowance. The story with Knocking last week was that Steve Jobs himself approved the app. That’s some lore to go along with your app, but did Steve just decide it’s time for live streaming video, or did Apple and AT&T just happen to come to an agreement on standards for such apps? I’m sure in time, such details will surface.

Regardless, we all win. I’m sure Chris will be trying out this app and broadcasting to chris.pirillo.com/live.