Steve To Buy An Apple Tablet – No One Is Shocked

There should be an image here!I like The Woz. He always seemed like a nice guy, no argument there whatsoever. But to point out that he is going to buy the big Apple Tablet is beyond obvious. He always has. He is a Mac guy, loves the iPhone and generally supportive of Apple in general.

Let’s not forget that Apple would never have been, without Woz! He and Steve both, made the early decisions that helped things along. So even though he has been doing his own thing for years now, he remains an Apple die-hard user.

Woz is doing great in his own world however. Recently made the chief scientist for Fusion-lo. And based on their concept of doing more with less, I agree with Woz that this seems like a good fit. Hopefully his desk will have spaced cleared for that upcoming Apple Tablet!