The Rantings of Nostradamus Cringley

A couple of days ago, over at his eponymous website, computer industry prognosticator Robert X. Cringely stated that nVidia will be bought by Intel, and gives quite a few pieces of information to go along with his musings.

Though it makes for very interesting reading, I really don’t think it will come to pass, as the nVidia man in charge has made it clear that he wants to beat Intel at its own game. Of course that is a huge task, and a certain amount of hubris must be attributed to the man that said nVidia would “open a huge can of whoop-ass” on Intel.

Anyone with that attitude would not capitulate to any onslaught of Intel, whether ostensibly friendly or not, until the company was down to the intellectual properties, and nothing more.

As has been put forth in the last few days, the failure of Intel to bring forth a killer video chip by the name of Larrabee, has spotlighted the fact that it is not that easy to bring out a parallel processing chip technology in short order. By comparison, the ability of nVidia to do it, level after level, tends to show that coming up with its own x86 work-alike would be, for their level of sophistication, almost trivial.

The rumors of an nVidia x86 chip makes much more sense than any buyout or merger of the two companies.


Quote of the day:

Communism doesn’t work because people like to own stuff.

– Frank Zappa

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