The Real Reason for the Windows 7 Family Pack Demise?

Many people are not very happy with the Windows 7 family Pack becoming unavailable so quickly after the release of the new operating system. It seems the only place the 3 system upgrade can be found is on e-bay, or possibly Craigslist, for a good deal more than it was originally sold for.

There have been a few theories about the reason for the supply drying up, like the canals on Mars, most of them having to do with the innate greed of Microsoft, wishing to milk as much from each customer as possible.

Dave Methvin, on InformationWeek today, gives another possibility, revolving around something we generally don’t think about – grumblings from the big PC makers.

Methvin makes the case that the big PC makers, the Dells, H-Ps, Acers, and others, are complaining because those companies believe that too many customers are upgrading currently owned PCs, rather than starting fresh.

While it certainly can be true for the people who generally read his, or this, column, I doubt that huge numbers of those we consider “users” have suddenly decided to become builders of their own PCs. It does not matter that they are only installing an operating system. That could actually be the scariest thing of all for many of these “users”. Losing data is a large concern, and I doubt that many would be interested in having Windows 7 installed by a professional, on older hardware – that math just does not add up.

So while the situation could be correctly assessed, I still have my doubts, as the many that would not install Windows 7 on their own, no matter the discount, far outweigh those who install everything on their machines; yet the good will generated by having a Family Pack available, far outweighs the lessening of the profits to Microsoft.

Good will and good PR cannot be measured in simple dollar amounts, and someone at Microsoft might want to consider this – immediately.



Apple has 5 user Family Pack, Microsoft had 3 user Family Pack – apparently more large families use Apple PCs, or will be using them.

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