Why Does Anyone Care About the Decline of Yahoo?

So many sites continue to chronicle the decline of once-giant Yahoo in the realm of search, and frankly I wonder why.

The intelligent person should have known it was going to happen, and thus it shows we seem to have a dearth of intelligent people reporting the news.

Google is the stalwart here, and only idiots would think it was going anywhere. Bing has become the search engine for the rest of the searching world (and, of course, Yahoo), for whatever the reason, and the only ones using Yahoo are those who are oblivious to everything, or else they have Yahoo in the browser cache and simply can’t get it out.

The question is, “Why waste time with the middle man?”  That is all that Yahoo has become, all the innovation is gone, and what is left is a shell with a loudmouth, greedy CEO.


The (actual) CEO of Yahoo, for the rest of its (short) life…

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