How To Get The Best Photo Results From Christmas Lights

At this time of the year, there are so many beautiful sights to see – like Christmas lights dotted across the front of houses and fir trees littered with the tangled glow of multi-color bulbs. The sites are often so wonderful that you are enticed to whip out your camera and take some snaps to get you into the festive spirit.

Unfortunately, unless you’re a professional photographer, getting results that impress people is very difficult. A few years ago, a fully-fledged and great tutorial was posted on a blog called Strobist, a site dedicated to the delights of photography. The site posted a special tutorial with hints and tips, showing even some of the most basic users how to take amazing pictures of lights across the holiday season.

The tutorial itself is a bit old, published in 2006, but it is still available and has good tips to follow during this time of year. It’ll show you how to play around with light, flash and environment techniques to get the best results – it even links to a Flickr group especially for posting all of your Christmas light pictures.

The site claims that you don’t need to have an expensive digital camera or a lot of experience to be able to impress people with your holiday photography. Most digital cameras will be able to follow what the tutorial recommends.

I myself have a very nice Samsung 12MP digital camera and I’m going to be out and about this evening taking some shots, following this tutorial. It’ll be the second time I’ve used it, but considering that my last attempt was a few years ago, we’ll see if I’ve improved at all. I’ll post some of my latest photos here later.

Do you have a digital camera? Have you been taking some holiday photographs (of lights or otherwise)? Have you followed this tutorial or are going to try it? Are you a photographer? Do you have any hints/tips/questions of your own? Do you know of any good photography tutorials? Let us know what you think in a comment.