IsoWords for the iPhone

Update: After posting this, the developer of IsoWords, Opetopic, sent a note via Twitter that Leaderboards and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi multiplayer are in the works for the next update.

@themoderngeek thanks for the post 🙂 Leaderboards are in the next update, as well as bluetooth/wifi multiplayer

Check out their roadmap here.

Lately I have been a word game freak. That is, I have been playing plenty of Bookworm on the iPhone and have been stealing my girlfriend’s old Blackberry Bold to play WordMole. I’d like to say, anyone who decided to port WordMole to the iPhone would make a small fortune. Beyond that, I am always scouring the App Store for my next fix of word gaming goodness for my brain to consume.

I have found just that this past week. IsoWords for the iPhone. At $1.99 for the full version (Free Lite version available here), IsoWords puts a twist on the word find concept. With a game screen straight out of Q-bert, you must make words from letters out of a screen sized cube. Once you choose a letter to start with, a small area around that letter gets highlighted. From here, you can choose your next letter. For every letter you choose, the letter “creep” extends a little bit in every direction allowing for making words in many different directions and orientations.

The main idea is to make as many words as possible. Longer words yield more points. Also, words with an X or Q also yield more points. There is a choice between a timed or infinite match for single player mode. There is also a pass n’ play option that supports up to 4 players which is basically up to 4 consecutive games. The statistics feature here keeps track of things like longest words, highest scoring words, average word length, and least common words. This game would benefit greatly from online leaderboards of some kind. Hopefully, we will see that in a future update because the replayability mainly comes from the challenge of topping your last high score. It would be nice to see how high other people across the planet are scoring.

Have you played IsoWords? What are your favorite word games across all platforms?

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