Still A Good Christmas

To say that this year has been rough would be a massive understatement. I lost a lot (personally) this year while also gaining new insights along the way that have changed me for the better.

Even the month of December, ripe with a multitude of frustrations, has left me reflecting on how I want to make 2010 more productive and effective than 2009 ever was. I am ready to really “get cracking” with all of the things I am always saying I am going to do, but this time get started on them without all of the usual excuses.

This mindset has been really helpful for me over the past few days. So despite a marathon of holiday traffic, family dinners and fighting with the usual daily grind, I am left feeling “okay” with things in general. Clearly this was a new experience as on any other day,having the dog soiling my couch, the garbage disposal clogging and the never ending holiday grind would have had me at my wits end by now.

Yes, this time it’s different. Despite some real disappointments this month, I am generally feeling good about things and hope that each of you reading this, will be able to find the same kind of personal peace regardless of the challenges you might be facing yourselves.

So whether you are merely coming to the end of a long week, celebrating Christmas, or whatever else might be going on for you, remember that nothing is unchangeable. You are in control of your destiny. If things are going poorly or you are just not digging events in your life, take a moment to look at things a little differently. Apparently a new outlook can do wonders. Merry Christmas to those celebrating and happy almost Friday to everyone else!

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