Need Silverware? I Got a Deal for You

I have needed new silverware or flatware for about a year now. This is the perfect present for my parents to get me, since they are all about that, but they gave me a very old and tarnished set of silver and told me to use that. Then this year for Christmas they gave me some silver cleaning plate. That’s not exactly what I was looking for. But, low and behold I’ve finally hammered down the perfect deal for me.

Oneida is by far the most recommended flatware brand in the United States today. Getting a good deal on their flatware is difficult but possible with a little help. I went to the Oneida web site and browsed some nice 12 piece flatware sets. I ended up settling for the lowest price clearance set, Bristol 65 Piece Service for 12, which is on sale right now for $55.99.

Next, I needed to get the order to $60.00 to use the coupon code YEM10 which gives you free standard shipping and 10% off your entire order. Oneida has several gadgets and knives available and I nabbed a Stainless Steel Sure Grip 8″ Sure Grip Santoku Knife for $11.99. The total order including tax and free shipping was $61.89; that’s a savings of $113.09.