Pairing A Great Idea With Bad Execution Doesn’t Get It

There aren’t enough good ideas to go around. When someone comes up with one, it becomes a real shame when the good idea becomes beached on the shore because someone did not keep pushing in the right direction.

Longtime OEM provider is putting up a couple of examples of something that should be a killer, but is being headed off immediately because of bad judgement on the part of (apparently)  a bean counter.

Maximum PC tells about Foxconn making a couple of do-it-yourself portable computers available which is a great concept, and then shooting the project in the foot by making the choices use the Intel Pine Trail platform.

Someone should have done a bit more customer research on this one. If all that is wanted is a laptop with Pine Trail performance, it can be had from any of a number of tier one or tier two manufacturers, with scads of choice on the extras in the bare spots. On the other hand, those wanting to deviate from the low performance platform are the ones that will pay for their own choice on what fills the spaces in the case.

Also, since the most mundane of tasks will be performed on these machines, as they don’t have the performance for greater duties, what extras they have, or will hook up to is hardly important. People looking for mundane levels of performance will want similarly mundane prices, which does not come from this type of product.

The failed marriage between Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey is proof that pairing ‘popular’ with ‘wish I was popular’ isn’t always a recipe for success. Nevertheless, Digitimes’ “industry sources” say Foxconn is gearing up to release a pair of white-box netbooks in the very near future.

For whatever reason, the mobile DIY concept has never gained much ground and there exists only a small handful of white-box laptops. Foxconn’s obviously hoping for a much better reception in the incredibly popular netbook sector where the biggest complaint is the lack of a performance punch.

Details are sparse, but sources say Foxconn will release the NS20 and NS24 DIY netbooks under a series codenamed SZ901P. These will be built around Intel’s Pine Trail platform and include features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a webcam, and a card reader. On the software side, Foxconn will offer WIndows XP or a custom Linux-based OS called FoxOS.

Not sure what that first sentence is supposed to convey. It might be more appropriate to say  pairing loser with beautiful loser. Either way, nowhere is the word winner a part of that. The big point is, or should be, that when you get choice, you pay more. When you pay more, you naturally want more. Finally, Pine Trail is not the “get more” choice.

At the very least the nVidia Ion would be the very least thing that should have been offered, and that’s cutting it close.



Putting a low performance, higher than normal cost netbook doesn’t make any more sense than this abstract of reality.

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