App Store Passes Three Billion Downloads

When Steve Jobs first announced the release of the iPhone and the ribbon was cut at the grand opening of the App Store in the summer of 2008, nobody expected such an impact would be made. However, this appears to be the case – because today Apple announced that their App Store, offering more than 100,000 applications for the iPhone and the iPod touch, has now topped three billion downloads.

That’s right. Apple customers have set their sights on the amazing selection of both free and paid applications available, and have managed to download three billion of them. Although we may have just passed through the Christmas season, with eager recipients of Apple technology wanting to get their hands on the goodness of the apps, it’s still quite frankly amazing that Apple consumers have downloaded one billion applications in just two months, having passed the 2 billion milestone in November.

Many other mobile companies also have their own stores – but as Apple clearly showed in June 2009 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, they are way ahead of any competitors they have, even joking at the fact that PALM’s application store only has 18 apps available on launch. At the start of this year, PALM had 1,000 official applications, but looking at the current figures, Apple have nothing to worry about, at present, in the applications market.

I find think this is a fantastic achievement. I understand that we’ve undoubtedly had a burst of downloads in the Christmas period, but for the consumer to download one billion apps in two months I think is phenomenal. I’m very proud to be an Apple user, delighted with my phone, my computer and my laptop. I’m not a fanboy: I was a Microsoft user for over a decade (and still am through use of Boot Camp), I agree that they had an unbeatable and revolutionary impact on the market, and continue to produce some great stuff (Windows 7 a fine example). However,¬†you have to commend the selection in the App Store (not necessarily the quality of the applications in that selection) and the figures that Apple consistently achieve.

What do you think? Are you an Apple user? Do you have something to say about the choice/selection/availability of applications in the App Store? Are you a consumer who users a competing product, like Android or PALM, and want to express your opinions on their applications/achievements? Are you one of those that have contributed to downloading three billion applications? Let us know, in a comment.