Microsoft Releases The Keyboard For Those Who Prefer a Mouse

Looking more like a work of art than a working device, the new Microsoft Arc Keyboard looks as though it was never made to touch, being very thin and sporting the same curve as the odd mouse released last year.

The keyboard is wireless, presumably because the dangling wire would detract from the overall look. The idea is ostensibly comfort, but I don’t see it, coming from the IBM model M school of typing.

mydigitallife gives a few more details –

Microsoft users who fancy Arc Mouse can now get the unique design device a companion with the official rolling out of Microsoft Arc Keyboard in CES. Measuring 311mm x 53.8mm and weighing less than a pound, the slim, light, compact and eye-catching design is the key attraction of this new Arc Keyboard.

Also featured alongside Microsoft Arc Keyboard is the 2.4GHz wireless receiver that allows users to carry their keyboard around everywhere for more comfortable typing; a battery Life Indicator that indicates to users when the keyboard battery is low; and a few extra function keys.

The unique domed shape Arc keyboard is priced at $59.95.

Keyboard or Dali piece? It’s two, two things in one!

At $60 this will be a big item for those who want to have their computer fit in with their decor – so expect a wave of frustrated interior designer housewives to be hitting the stores for these.


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