Is Bing A Flash In the Pan (Though Microsoft Keeps Stoking the Fires)?

Many have decided that Microsoft is going to somehow win in search with Bing, and that Google will sit by idly and do nothing to combat the money that Microsoft throws at the problem (and the users).

I have maintained that the only share Microsoft is going to capture is that from its ghosting of Bing as mild-mannered Yahoo. This is something that many will no longer use, either due to differences with the ousting of Mr. Yang, the take-no-prisoners style of Ms. Bartz, or simply the sameness of the Yahoo interface.

The Nielsen Company, longtime chronicler of various public usages, has given us that Bing has once again lost market share, dropping below 10% in the month of December. The rest of the results come from a blurb in TechConnect

According to a Nielsen report, Microsoft Bing has dipped under the two-digit mark in the US search market this past December, settling at 9.9% after holding a share 10.7% in November. Yahoo’s search engine slipped too, going from 15.3% to 14.4% in December, while the mighty Google jumped up almost 2% and held a comfortable a 67.3% share.

Going down the search top, we can find AOL with a 2.5% share (down from 2.8% in November), with 1.7% (1.8%) and My Web with 1.0% (stable). And Google’s search hegemony continues…

Bing, won’t go away anytime soon, for Mr. Ballmer won’t admit defeat. The question remains of how long the decision engine continues before someone who has only money interests puts a stop to it ( like the shareholders ). Will Bing become a minor player, comfortable within the realm of usable, but not confrontational, or will Mr. Ballmer push Bing until Microsoft’s coffers empty enough to make someone else take notice?


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