Legal Consequences for Data Breach

The data breach of personal information can lead to dire financial and medical consequences. If an identity theft is used to secure medical services, the consequences for the person whose identity was stolen and used could be deadly.

The Attorney General of Connecticut is pursuing legal consequences over a health care provider’s data breach:

“… Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, no stranger to suing organizations that suffer a data breach, said Wednesday in a statement that Health Net of Connecticut failed to secure the medical and financial records of an estimated 446,000 state enrollees, nor did the company quickly notify the victims about the incident.”

link: Connecticut attorney general sues over breach

Health Net should be held accountable for the delay in notifying the victims of this data breach. To delay notification by six months is mind boggling and irresponsible. It simply put all the individuals on that data base at greater risk. And no, the data were not encrypted.

Catherine Forsythe