Subsidy Contracts Bite With Nexus One

There should be an image here!Sometimes I wonder if anyone bothers to read the fine print. Now, I am no fan of subsidy contracts. And I admit that the $500+ to get out of T-Mobile/Nexus One is doing more to hurt the Android platform than to help it. But for the love of Pete, read the TOS before signing up!

All of that aside, Google is bombing hard in their recent mobile efforts. While they Android efforts have been pretty good, the teaming up with T-Mobile has been blowing up in their faces since its inception.

The real challenge will be for Google to pull themselves out of this fire and hopefully, do so with the efforts in the mobile arena remaining intact. As things stand now, we have Google sitting there against other Android based phones, providing no customer service and finally, huge fees to leave with T-Mobile. Apple and AT&T must be grinning big right now.