I Have a Dream – of Affordable Health Care

A couple of my wife’s doctor appointments ganged up on her this week.  Since she sees specialists, the specialist copay applies.  That’s $120 for three visits.  Before medicines.  It actually ate into the food budget, pardon the pun.

I make a decent salary but it seems that way too much goes to health care, between paying for insurance, copays, and medicines.

The Obamachrist was going to fix the whole thing (and I am the pope).  Affordable health care for the masses.  Well, if nothing else, insurance company profits will go up (because it will be mandatory to purchase a policy).  If you don’t think Congress is in bed with the insurers, go back to watching Americans Idle: you’re not smart enough to read blogs.  Or vote.

Ironically, the only people who are getting affordable health care are the poor.  Not the working poor – the poor poor (yes, in America we require gradations of poor).

My sister-in-law is Poor Proper.  With chronic health issues, she is largely unable to work.  Fortunately for her the American health system is right there, picking up the bills.  I believe this is largely the county.

Don’t get me wrong: I heartily believe in taking care of those who cannot take care of themselves.  But take a moment and do a brief tally of what this is costing us (in addition to our own problems).

In a previous life I was a medical biller.  The things I saw frightened me to no end.  I worked for a specialist who saw anyone with any insurance (and some with none).  One of his offices was home to almost exclusively welfare patients.   This would represent hundreds of patients per year.

That is hundreds of patients per year for one specialist in a metropolitan area.  Now extrapolate…. (I’m asking you because I certainly don’t know the formulas).  The doctor saw patients in local hospitals that appeared to be almost totally welfare-funded.

These are some staggering numbers, even forgetting for the moment that some of the people didn’t belong on welfare or disability.  The next time someone mentions you paying higher premiums because you’re fat, ask about the billions we’re emptying into recreational drug users whose livers are shutting down.  Hmmmmm…..

You know what your problems with health insurance are.  Now you have a tiny idea of the uninsured problem.


I still haven’t come up with the Ultimate Solution but then again, neither has Congress.  In the meantime, here are some small contributions:

  • Yes, we’re stupid sheep.  But one group that led us here was the heads of HMOs, who promised unparalleled savings.  Here we are, many years later and things have gotten much worse.  I say we hold the bastards to their words.  No savings?  Give us our money back.
  • It’s been mentioned before but force our friends in government to take the exact plan they propose for us, the proles.  Only then will you see meaningful health care reform.
  • Because every libertarian before me would spin violently in their graves, put insurers on final notice that they had better start playing fair or they’re going to get nationalized.  As in OWNED.  Same for the docs and Big Pharma<tm>.

It seems my dream is Congress’ nightmare.