The Internet Is Getting An Upgrade

No, I am not talking about my ISP service, which is already blazing fast. (Thanks, Verizon!) Rather, I’m pointing out that we are seeing big changes in how easy it once was for scammers to redirect people to bogus Web sites through various exploits to DNS servers.

As of today, this article indicates that this is about to change in a big way. While I remain a bit skeptical, I am hopeful that we will finally see the door closing on people typing in one Web site URL only to be redirected to something else entirely. DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security [Extensions]) to the rescue. Once DNSSEC is put into full time play, we should begin to see a real means of certification as to URLs pointing to the right Web site when entered into a browser.

Looks like thus far we are entering a testing phase in which DNSSEC will begin being added to various root DNS servers throughout the Internet. Assuming all of this goes according to plan, websites will be able to secure their DNS settings to make sure that DNS hijacking is a thing of the past. Let’s hope this works as advertised.