Firefox 3.6 Coming Tomorrow

Is this a coincidence that it is to be released when Microsoft is releasing a fix for Internet Exploder?

The word from Mozilla is that Firefox 3.6 will be released tomorrow (January 21st).

Firefox 3.6 is coming out tomorrow, which means it is going to be a very busy time for support. As with every major launch, we see a spike in support requests as users get used to features and discover the changes that were made. We would like to get your help giving users of 3.6 the best possible support experience.

Good news!

The above is from Adrian Kingsley-Hughes column on ZDNet. There are notices all over today about the uptake in Firefox and Opera downloads. Though Google is saying nothing about Chrome, I’m sure there is a healthy uptake there, as well.  (I’m sure that some people are pulling out old copies of Netscape to be able to not use Internet Exploder – some are so afraid of problems that they won’t use IE to download something else).

The word from Microsoft is that the fix will be out tomorrow. It makes me wonder if they have it ready now, or if they are working feverishly, and hoping it will be done by tomorrow. Is it possible that we will get aa fix that is “good enough for now” versus a fix that is permanent?

If the fix is ready now, why not deploy now? Questions that might do many of Microsoft’s customers a world of good should they be answered.



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