AMD Puts Up New Processors

Just to keep things interesting, the company is releasing some new CPUs, which will not break any new ground performance wise, but does give the budget consumer much more power for their dollar than ever before.


AMD has kicked off the week by updating its CPU offer with five new 45nm models, two Phenoms and three Athlons. First up, there’s the Phenom II X4 910e, which is clocked at 2.6 GHz, has 2MB L2 and 6MB L3 cache, a 65TV TDP and a price tag (in 1000-unit tray quantities) of $169. Next, we have the 3.2 GHz Phenom II X2 555 BE (Black Edition), with its unlocked multiplier, 6MB L3 cache, 80W TDP and $99 price point.

The Athlon II X4 635 goes for $119, features a 2.9 GHz frequency, no L3 cache, and a 95W TDP. The Athlon II X3 440 (3.0 GHz) has a 95W TDP and costs $84, while the X2 255 (3.1 GHz) boasts a 65W TDP and is priced at $74. All these models should start hitting stores shortly so keep an eye out for them.

These entries are probably only there to keep us interested until the next versions of the AMD motherboard chips, and the new Thuban 6 core processors and updated 4 core processors come out in March or April.


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