Republican Reply To SOTU on Facebook; Who Knew They Could Use That Technology?

That is not to say that all Republicans are idiots, but knowing about something, and becoming comfortable enough to use it are two different things.

The thought that Republicans are beginning to use the same set of tools that the Obama campaign used during the 2008 election cycle is absolutely amazing.

Why? Because part of using things like Facebook means that the Republicans will be leaving a trail of what they say. When someone wants to check what they have said about a certain position or policy, it is going to be as simple as pulling it up on the internet.

It is as important as the unintelligible blathering of Rush Limbaugh being made available for reading in black and white, not simply lost to the airwaves of one day.

The story coming from ComputerWorld states that Joe Wilson, the Republican that had the temerity and bad manners to shout “You lie!” to the President as he was addressing the assembled Houses of Congress.

Facebook will have another first under its belt tonight.

Rep. Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina, will take to Facebook to respond to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address. Wilson is scheduled to give his live address on his Facebook page at 10:30 – approximately 30 minutes after Obama wraps up the State of the Union speech.

Hopefully he’ll be able to keep quiet during the delivery of the speech. Since the reply is not an on-the-fly response (these people already have a copy of the speech as I write this – they can’t be counted on to deliver a cogent reply in less than 30 minutes. (and if that sounds like a slam, it is, for other than Newt Gingrich, I have little respect for the intellectual capacities of all the major players in the current Republican party))

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is slated to deliver the official Republican response to Obama’s speech.

As of 1:30 p.m. EDT today, 78 people had signed up to “possibly” log on to watch Wilson’s Facebook address tonight.

According to Wilson’s Facebook page, a recorded video of his speech will later be posted to his YouTube page.

Wilson gained national fame last September when he yelled out “You lie!” during an Obama speech on health care in the U.S. Capitol. Wilson later apologized for his outburst, saying his emotions got the best of him.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have been getting quite a bit of political attention lately.

Last week, Obama sent his first tweet during a visit to the American Red Cross headquarters in Washington D.C.

The presidential tweet didn’t even go up on Obama’s own account,, but rather on American Red Cross’ @redcross page.

After making good use of sites like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter during his presidential campaign, Obama has created an image of a tech-savvy president by establishing a presence on multiple social networking sites.

It makes the change in demeanor of this President easily reviewed, as well. The fact that this President did not run with the super-majority that he had is a problem for me. I wonder what will be happening now. Many have remarked that there seem to be two Barack Obamas, the campaigner, that you knew was going to kick some butt when he got to Washington, and the Barack Obama  that has been walking on eggshells since his inauguration on anything that was not the same as what had been the pattern of the previous 8 years. (I need to amend that to anything domestic, the President has done a brilliant job of taking care of us on the world stage, other than the build up in Afghanistan)

I’ll be looking on Facebook tonight for the very first time in my life tonight. How about you?



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