Mobile phones have come a long way in a short time. Even tasks like checking your voicemail have been greatly improved through visual voicemail technology and so on. These advancements are great, but a lot of people still view voicemail as a necessary evil, so they aren’t exactly thrilled with it. Many of us prefer to receive e-mail messages instead, especially since they’re easier to organize, browse through, etc. With PhoneTag, callers can still leave you voicemail messages, but you’ll be able to receive them as e-mails or even text messages.

Yes, text comes to the rescue once again. PhoneTag handles the text conversion for you whenever you receive a voicemail, and before you know it you’ll be reading the message instead of listening to it. With that said, PhoneTag also sends the audio file just in case you want to hear the message. Your regular voicemail functionality will remain the same, but it will just be enhanced thanks to PhoneTag. I hate playing phone tag in real life, but I like what this service is doing.