This is a tough time to be going to college. Due to economic conditions and uncertainty, many students have no idea if they’ll actually be able to find a job doing what they’ve studied for. Concerns about entering the job market after leaving college are tough enough, but you can’t forget about the challenges that students face during college, too. It may seem like a small thing, but simply getting textbooks can be challenging because of the high costs that are involved. The normal process for a lot of students is to just buy the textbooks brand new no matter what they cost and deal with it, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Chegg makes renting textbooks a real possibility.

Students are only going to need most of the textbooks for a certain period of time anyway, so renting makes a lot of sense and saves tons of money. Rented textbooks are shipped quickly and in good condition and can be returned for free when the students are done with them. Textbooks that are owned can even be sold to Chegg for cash. There’s a great selection of textbooks on the site, and whenever one is rented, sold, or purchased, they plant a tree. They plant more than fifty acres of trees each week, which is very impressive and makes using the site that much more satisfying.