Texas Schoolbooks – Changing History?

In a small blurb about the school systems in Texas, and the books used as part of the total curriculum, we find that various factions are making an attempt to change the ways that our children are taught, and what they are taught – almost completely without resistance from anyone.

The fact that most are not aware of this is not a good thing, for no matter what your opinions are on the people pushing the change, the fact remains that these gentle proddings towards a retelling of history are always to be guarded against – this is the sort of thing that allows a small but vocal minority in Germany to deny the workings of the Nazi machine in World war II and the Holocaust.


“I’ve been lackadaisical when it comes to following stories about Texas schoolboard attempts to slip creationism into biology textbooks, dismissing the stories as just ‘dumbass Texans,’ but what I didn’t realize is that Texas schoolbooks set the standard for the rest of the country. And it’s not just Creationism that this Christian coalition is attempting to bring into schoolbooks, but a full frontal assault on history, politics, and the humanities that exploits the fact that final decisions are being made by a school board completely academically unqualified to make informed evaluations of the changes these lobbyists propose. This evangelical lobby has successfully had references to the American Constitution as a ‘living document,’ as textbooks have defined it since the 1950s, removed in favor of an ‘enduring Constitution’ not subject to change, as well as attempting to over-emphasize the role Christianity played in the founding of America. The leaders of these efforts outright admit they are attempting to redefine the way our children understand the political landscape so that, when they grow up, they will have preconceived notions of the American political system that favor their evangelical Christian goals.”

As someone who self-identifies as a Christian, I am always a bit horrified by the supreme idiocy of some of the things I find are being espoused by some of the others also claiming to be in my group. Not only do they have it all wrong – being nothing like what is spoken of in the New Testament – but they also seem to forget that this nation was founded by people that had the good sense to separate church and state.

Trying to bring the church back into the workings of politics, and political discourse invites trouble of the very worst kind.

The very worst thing about this new coalition of persons claiming to be Christians is no less vile than the members of the Ku Klux Klan, when they claimed for all who would listen that they were acting in the name of God.


sheeple and the problem is that there are those willing to step up and guide the sheeple, in the direction that leads to destruction.


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