Delete First, Get The Facts Straight Later – Oops! Too Late!

How many times in your life have you been warned that actions without thought can be detrimental, if not also dangerous? I can’t count the number of times I was given these warnings, peppered with natty little phrases to spice up the story like “going off half-cocked”, “shooting oneself in the foot”,  or “shoot first, ask questions later”.

The life lesson to be sure of actions before they are taken, as they might cause great harm, to the acting person, or someone else is essential, but once again, zealotry has prevailed, bringing  another quip to mind. “Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread.”

A bit of the problem with the enforcement of music copyrights is pointed out in a piece on slashdot this day –

AnotherUsername writes

“Recently, many [Google-hosted] music blogs were deleted for hosting mp3s of songs by various artists. The problem? The music blogs in question had been given permission to host the songs, and often, the older links to mp3s were often broken intentionally by the bloggers in order to save bandwidth. From the article: ‘You’re reading this right: Five years of Lipold’s labor of love was deleted, in part, because he posted a track with full permission of a label, and the track apparently wasn’t even online by the time the IFPI filed its complaint.'”

It is certainly understandable that Google wants to be cautious about things like this, as every time something comes along that riles anyone, it seems that Google is the first to be blamed. But here, they are erring on the side of caution and doing more damage than good.

Why is it that so many times, agencies that are trying to right wrongs (not only Google, any one that may be guilty) use destructive methods to fix imagined problems? When the reality is found, and the legitimacy of the content is established, there may be no way to undo the harm. If less extreme measures were taken, the return of things to normal would be simpler, and less a problem for all involved.


There is an interesting story going around. I believe I first saw it on It tells of one Teabagger that was unsettled by the nervous giggles of many when he proudly proclaimed that he was one of the upstart group. When the word was Googled, the horror of the instant perception was palpable. Now he is enlightening those in this group that perhaps another name choice might be wise.

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