If you have to present business / sales proposals, then you know that even if you spend a lot of time on them, there are no guarantees that your proposals will be a success. This is the exciting and frustrating thing about proposals. You can love to hate them, but they’re oftentimes necessary to get the work and the orders flowing, so they are very important. Therefore, if you’re going to create a proposal, then you might as well do it right, and Proposable shows us that creating great proposals doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

As long as you have the content, then you’re good to go. The proposal builder has templates that you can work with, and since these are online proposals, you can add rich media directly in the proposals. Recipients may add comments to what you’ve created, and you’re able to receive text and/or e-mail messages when someone opens the proposals and when they comment on them so that you can follow-up immediately if you choose to do so. The analytics take things to another level by showing you what they looked at and for how long. Isn’t it nice to at least have some control over the process?