Insert Existing Slides Into Your Presentation In PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint 2007 makes it easy for you to reuse slides within other presentations. Using the Reuse Slides command within PowerPoint, you can locate the existing presentation and easily insert the slides into your presentation.

To use the Reuse Slides command in PowerPoint 2007:

  1. Within your current presentation, click the slide that you want to precede the slides you want to insert.
  2. From the Home tab, within the Slides group, click New Slide.
  3. Select the Reuse Slides option.
  4. Click the Open A PowerPoint File link in the Reuse Slide pane to the right.
  5. Locate the presentation containing the slides you want to reuse.
  6. Click the specific slide that you want to reuse or choose Insert All Slides.

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