Carly Simon Finally Names ‘So Vain’ Man – Not What Anyone Expected

Since 1972 when Carly Simon recorded the song ‘You’re So Vain,’ it has been speculated who the singer was singing about. Some thought the song was about a failed relationship with the likes of Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger, Kris Kristofferson, or Cat Stevens. But now new speculation seems to indicate that everyone was wrong about the person and the meaning.

One source stated:

Simon told Uncut magazine that a clue to the “Vain” man’s identity can be heard on an acoustic version of the song that is featured on her upcoming album, “Never Been Gone.”

According the Britain’s The Sun newspaper, Simon whispers [David] Geffen’s name backwards on the track.

Geffen was the chief of Elektra Records, Simon’s label at the time the song was originally released. According the WENN news service, the song, which was thought to be about a failed relationship, is now thought to hint at Simon’s resentment after Geffen allegedly put more efforting into promoting singer Joni Mitchell.

The only thing I can think of is… ho-hum. Boring.

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