Opera, From RC1 to RC4, Lickety Split!

Over the last 2 days, the programmers at Opera Labs have been/are very busy. They have managed to turn out several betas, and now 4 Release Candidates in the span of time that many other companies go from one beta to another. Showing that there is more than putting out similar revisions in rapid fire, each of these revisions have a long list of changes, and bug quashings [but not this last one!].

The latest is moving along, balls out, as it has the temerity to ask if I want to simply overwrite my Opera 10.10 installation. Being a bit more conservative than some, as I have less time to do troubleshooting these days (because of outside interests).

The RC4 is doing well on my machine, and though I have only had it on the machine for a little over half an hour, I also know the problems that kept me from keeping it on the machine, and every one of them is now gone. Those Opera guys have a sneaky way of changing a Release Candidate into a Gold version, and it usually comes in the form of an install package that offers to update rather than duplicate my Opera installation.

This could be The One.

Opera 10.50 RC4 for Windows fixes these issues:

Fixed CORE-28211 (Crash at wordpress.com, texterity.com, and more)
Fixed DSK-284279 (Radio buttons and checkboxes are missing in the native skin)

Download Opera 10.50 RC4
Windows MSI / Windows Classic

If you look on the Developer Team blog, and check the release times, there was just over 8.5 hours between the release of RC3 and RC4. Those guys must be laying in the pizza and Jolt cola by the truck load.


Yeah, buddy.



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