Social Web On Mobile Browsers Seeing Intense Growth

With just about everyone and their mother owning a smart phone of one type or another these days, it should not be all that shocking that social media is seeing a huge boost in usership through the eyes of various mobile browsers. So much so, that a reported 30.8% of mobile users are accessing various social media outlets from their phones.

For me, the real question is whether or not people prefer using apps over their mobile browser or not? Speaking exclusively for myself, I find using social media apps is vastly more pleasant an experience than trying to navigate through the typical mobile browser experience instead. But perhaps that’s just me?

I’ll be among the first to agree that mobile browser usage usage is being driven heavily in part to social media usage, as highlighted previously. But I don’t think this has any real staying power. In the long term, I see mobile browsers being used more for news and other things. Why? Apps simply provide better access to specific tasks. Simple as that.

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