Meeting Agenda For Email

One of my many pet peeves is empty calendar invites. Prior to the start of a meeting, I like to open the calendar invite for the meeting in Outlook so I can refresh my memory as to the purpose of the meeting, who is attending, and review any required material in advance.

However, I find many people send out empty calendar invites when scheduling meetings. Often times, the only information included in the calendar invite are the meeting location and the attendees. This is definitely a no-no in terms of meeting best practices.

When I send out a calendar invite for a meeting, I always include some basic information such as the topic of the meeting, the agenda and presenters, as well as any material. This way participants come to the meeting with a good idea as to topics will be covered. To ensure I include enough detail in the calendar invite, I’ve started using a nifty email template for Outlook called the ‘Meeting agenda for email’. You can find a copy of the template at the Office Online Web site.

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