Pentagon Shooter had a History of Mental Illness

At least per this Yahoo story, he did.

No one knows at this point why John Patrick Bedell went shooting in front of the Pentagon.  Bedell was diagnosed bipolar and had been in and out of programs for years.  According to his psychiatrist, he was self-medicating.

First of all, the Bedell family has my sympathies.  No one deserves this.  They tried a number of times to get help for their son, to no avail.

This situation brings up all sorts of questions around mental health, absolutely none of which are being dealt with by the Obamachrist and his henchmen in Congress (R+D both).

Involuntary commitment is a very serious concept and one has to jump through many hoops to get somebody committed.  This is for good reason: personal liberty is supreme but there are times when someone poses a danger to themself or others.

I believe that this points back to our old friend health care.  Funny, you don’t hear much about psych care in the Latest and Greatest Plan(s) from our friends in D.C.

Perhaps it’s time…